Summer Tollwood 2017

… it is about the life in the city.

There are as usual lot’s of know places and also new performances, like the cycle goats. And it’s theme, how life in the city can be more ecological e.g. by using public transport instead of one person per car causing traffic jams.

In Munich public transport isn’t cheap, but in my opinion very effective and you can get almost to every place within some hundred meters in the city.

Here are some impressions:

New hobby

In the last two years I watched a new pass-time rise up: coloring books for adults. To release stress, it works like knitting e.g. As I loved to color as a child I was tempted and finally, as the trend arrived at the discounters, I broke down and bought some books and color pencils …

First on my journey to Portugal I colored with crayons – and when it rains, nothing is more boring than an hotel room, so I was happy to have them. And it seems I am not alone.

Quite recently I purchased some awesome felt pens and here are the results:

Impressions from Brussels

This week there was the terror attack in London, the same day as one year ago in Brussels at the airport and in the city. As I had to travel to Brussels on day later, I would like to celebrate the amazing tradition of this city:

As I have found some more stuff in my wardrobe …

… I will continue to post about refashioning –

and also some information about:

I like the idea to know what involves the production of a T-Shirt or jeans, as more and more people also want to know what they eat.

Clothes are next to food what makes your body and soul feel good or not so much …

And here another project –

Before it was a longer Gudrun Sjöden blouse:


After I shortened it in general and also the sleeves:


Something new: refashioning

During the last months I have started to use Pinterest and collected quite a few ideas how to refashion old clothes – instead of throwing them away and buying new stuff.

There are good reasons to do so (economy, ecology, morals), but it is also fun. So here is one project where some scissors and a seam ripper to remove the pockets were the basis for the alteration.





A new life for a jacket …

After work museum visit at Lenbachhaus

As my entrance for a year at Lenbachhaus is expiring at the middle of the month I decided that I had to visit before. And I tried the after work opening time at tuesday until 20 h. It was really a treat as I was alone with the Blauer Reiter

The city of Munich owns a lot of pictures by this group of artists due to a story which could be from Hollywood, but has happened in real life:

At the beginning of the 20th century Gabriele Münter is becoming an artist in Munich, she meets Wassily Kandinsky and he becomes her lover. She is also part of the Blauer Reiter movement and when Kandinsky leaves Germany due to the war, she starts a life of migrations until she settled down after the Second world war at Murnau, surrounded by the pictures she saved from the Nazis. Nearly eighty  years old she intended to give her collection away, but the city of Murnau wasn’t interested, so she gave her collection to the city of Munich.