Yesterday I slept 10 hours and then spent my sunday as a Couch potato:
After getting up early to go to Garmisch for skiing and watching the Champions skiing at the Kandahar Ski run and enjoying the sun, I earned it.
I watched TV on demand: Body of Proof, Season 1 and I finished it. Nice stuff!


Skiing or not skiing?

I am thinking about the idea of my best friend to go skiing on saturday:
it costs some money (to get there, the Skipass and food …) and I will have to get up early –
but the weather will be fine at the Alps and to stand on top of a mountain, ready to go – it is amazing.
In the end, it’s worth the effort –

I will do it!

Grey thoughts

Today I attended the funeral of a former colleague and I was sadened not only by the funeral itself, but the shortness of the whole thing: just a song, some words form a dear friend and another song. Then the casket and the flowers were hidden by an automatic curtain. Later the ashes will be placed at a cemetery in his home region.
But the whole thing left me struggeling with the implications of this death and the usual rituals: they are necessary and very important for the living and to shorten them leaves “unsatisfied”: a funeral seems to me a time to remenber, for grieving and for shedding tears. Afterwards you get together, eat, drink and are reminiscent of this person and you get to laugh also a litle bit, as we are all human.
And you feel this kind of carthatic moment when you realise that you have lost somebody, but you are still alive.