Open Day at the Semperoper

It is a famous opera house and that is why: we had the pleasure to hear some presentation for the new season and the atmosphere is fascinating. With Aaron Pegram we had the opportunity to hear a singer work with his coach Matteo Pais. And the whole workshops give a good impression how dedicated people create art.



Rain in Amsterdam

Even getting wet is something in the Netherlands: cycle in the rain and you are not alone.
Only one jewel at the border of street:
But it will get better and than …

Open Monuments Day in the KuPa

The ancient Kuvert-Fabrik Pasing (Ku Pa) was built in 1905/6 and from 1909 on they manufactured envelopes there untill 1991. Nowadays there is an almost won struggle to save the Art Deco building which is the home of artists and small buisinesses. If the artists can stay is another question …