London – the big city

I spent the last weekend in London and had to wonder how this city (in the 19th century only called “THE town”) has been a model for most of western cities: the tube, the representative buildings and also the ghettos. As the division between the rich and the poor is visible if you want to see it … And I don’t mean only beggars.
On the other hand after centuries of money poured into a town even shabby looks still pretty good and if the light is right – very romantic.


Or the story behind is romantic like the love story of Queen Victoria and Albert – he was also a sponsor for arts and crafts.
Here is a view of the Albert Hall for concerts and his memorial is right in front of it – he’s looking at the hall.

Albert hall

At the Victoria and Albert Museum (free entrance, you are asked to give a small amount if possible) modern arts and stuff from all over the world show what richness culturally can result from a big city.

V&A 1

Modern lights in the old halls …



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