Roma II – rain and sun

Now is a good time to go to Rome as many other people think too:

it’s not so expensive as in summer but with around 10 to 15° Celsius it is quite warm. Only you have to pay attention to the rain – if it pours down …

rainy rome

scala di santa trinita

But if the rain stops Rome is the most amazing open air museum:

Piazza Navona

piazza del populo


Roma I – la moda

Recently I went to Rome and as there were the saldi (sale), I saw some windows of the high scale houses of fashion and I took some phostos – see how the summer will be …

i don't remember the label



Grey Munich has its perks …

Last week-end the weather in Munich wasn’t nice – it was grey, rainy with some snow mixed in.
To not get depressed I advise a visit to the Lenbachhaus:
in this museum you find as much color as you can stand if you look at Kandinsky and the artists of the Blauer Reiter like Franz Marc or August Macke – to name the most famous.
But I also like the views of Marianne Werefkin or Gabriele Münter – they show daily scenes.
And thanks to Gabriele Münter you can see their art in Munich: she gave it to the museum on her 80th birthday.
Historical footnote:
Murnau where she lived had not wanted her bequest …


And look around the corner of Lenbachhaus – the charm of Munich …