Spring in Annecy

Last week-end I had the opportunity to go to Annecy –
the last time I was there it was in summer as I went to France for the school exchange with our partner town.
It is even nicer I remembered it —
the sea is very beautiful and has clear water and if you look at the setting with the mountains next to it …

lac d'annecy

The old town and the castle are both very nice and also for some part touristic, but still tasteful.
As I visited the casle I saw a really beautyful madonna from the 14th century:


As I mentioned, spring has come prematurely because of the warm temperatures, let’s hope it won’t get cold at last!

spring flowers


Salon de l’auto in Geneva

There is alwys some stuff in the news about new cars – having the opportunity to see such an exposition I went to the Geneva motor show.
And guess what – I even didn’t get to sit in one car …
The most fascinating thing was it to see so many car producers at one place:

view over halls

Also I was more interested to see the people around: classical business types as well as families
And the best effort to care for families was made by Skoda:
they set up a circuit to promote their eco stuff and you could win some good things with logos on it by collecting stamps at every station.

Skoda goes green

Oh, and there were lots of men salivating over many PS, but the cars start to look a like after a while for me –
except this one that you dont need to drive …

driverless car by Akka