Amazing Brussels

It wasn’t my first visit to Brussels, but I came to understand and appreciate a lot more the specialities of the city divided between two languages. The unique opportunities presented and also the problems with the neighbors have shaped the town and the country. I think it’s a good place for the seat of European Council and Parliament.




As Brussels is also the capital of the Franco-Belgian school of comics (including a museum) I choose to take a graffito to show that pictures are part of the live here (I found also other graffiti by this artist).



Visit to Sofia

In June I had the luck to go to Sofia and to find a vibrant city:
It’s a mixture of different cultures, but very specifically it’s own, based on the Bulgarian culture with dabs of Osman and K&K (kaiserlich & königlich = Austrian Empire) empires. And some more influences like the Sinti and Roma. The latter are the only non-white people you see (except for tourists) and their living quarters are recognizable – minorities never live easy (as I learned in Istanbul lately).