Potsdam and Sans Souci

It has been 22 years that I first came to see the place where Friedrich II tried to forget his duties.

And then there is this fantastic view from every perspective:

But also small details can be pretty, outside of the gardens:



Hamburg – what a fine city

Every time I am in Hamburg I have to wonder about this fine lady of a city:

she never get’s old, actually the young parts keep her vibrant- as I had the opportunity to see at the Schanze.
I had some typical beer at a nice and affordable place …


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Prague – astonishing in every turn

It is not the first time I went to Prague but as we spent 5 days, I had the time to see more than the Hrachin and the typical sights. I share here some of the best parts …

We went to see the TV tower which is in a distinctive modern style with some modern art from David Černý (see the babies crawling). It was labeled the largest Jewish tomb stone in the world (a quote from the exposition at Jerusalem Synagogue) as a Jewish cemetery was destroyed to build it – as the last communist monument.
The view is great …



And we used the tramway to discover other parts like the Prague Exhibition Ground in Holesovice: its Industrial Palace dates from 1891 and is still magnificent (one wing burnt down), even if the surroundings are not up to match its splendour.
This palace gives an impression how the famous Crystal Palace and other buildings for the 19th cetury world expositions may have looked.