Long night at the museums

It’s a nice tradition to open the museums in Munich from 19 h to 2 h on a Saturday night in autumn: special tours are included as well as the bus transfer from one hotspot to the other. At the Deutsches Museum a special opportunity existed to use old historic cars driven by their owners for transfer:

After that, we went to the Haus der Kunst to see an exposition of art by Georg Baselitz.

Since there are also art galleries open we had a look at an artistic comment on Manga esthetic rules by Three at the Micheko Galerie.



The Oktoberfest – you have to go …

If you live in Munich, you can hate it or take and enjoy it:

If you want to enjoy traditional beer garden then go to “Oide Wiesn”.
There it’s nicer as you pay entrance and all attractions are only one Euro – and the music is also traditional.

And you find rarities like old organs that used to play at such occasions …