Christmas flashes or the “Weihnachtsmarkt”

In Germany we have lots of markets around christmas. You can meet there with friends, drink mulled wine and shop for christmas. There are traditional markets at know places like Nuremberg or elsewhere. But today every small city has a market, more or less elaborate.

The typical ingredients for a christmas market are:

Food (sausage, waffers, crepes) and beeverages  (preferably with alcohol like mulled wire) served in a decorated area with small cabin-like stands and – most important – music: modern, traditional, christmas carols, sung live or from cd!
And it has to be dark!

This is the Marienplatz at Munich …
That is the Tollwood at Munich, an alternative festival twice a year with organic food, it’s mandatory there.
And an impression from Stuttgart, a more traditional market!


Impressions from Budapest

I am sorry to post only this late a stay in Budapest in the last week of november, but december was too full until now – well, you know as christmas approaches everything not yet done pops up …

We stayed in Buda, on the hilltop in the old town, and enjoyed a city rich of history and fascinating with its original culture.

At the Fisherman’s Bastion I saw this cute dragon:

When we went inside the Matthias Church, we found a 19th century explosion of colours:
every bit is painted and the colours and patterns are a mixture of art nouveau and traditional:

One night at the famous opera was also mandatory:
wonderful accoustics and a good performance!

A must is the Museum of Applied Arts from Ödön Lechner who invented a mix of art nouveau and Hungarian folk art and exotic eastern architecture – the museum was built by him and you can find this window to to the sky in the stairs and entrance structure:

There is another building by him in Budapest, the Postal Savings Bank building with bees marching on: