Impressions from Budapest

I am sorry to post only this late a stay in Budapest in the last week of november, but december was too full until now – well, you know as christmas approaches everything not yet done pops up …

We stayed in Buda, on the hilltop in the old town, and enjoyed a city rich of history and fascinating with its original culture.

At the Fisherman’s Bastion I saw this cute dragon:

When we went inside the Matthias Church, we found a 19th century explosion of colours:
every bit is painted and the colours and patterns are a mixture of art nouveau and traditional:

One night at the famous opera was also mandatory:
wonderful accoustics and a good performance!

A must is the Museum of Applied Arts from Ödön Lechner who invented a mix of art nouveau and Hungarian folk art and exotic eastern architecture – the museum was built by him and you can find this window to to the sky in the stairs and entrance structure:

There is another building by him in Budapest, the Postal Savings Bank building with bees marching on:


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