New sides of Berlin

Some places are always changing and every time you visit you see something new. here are some impressions of Berlin …

Out- and inside of the ruins of the Gedächtniskirche:




And inside the Bikini House opposite of it, as it is remodeled as a very chic shopping mall with a view into the zoo on the top:




New castle at Stuttgart

As I tend to visit towns when there is the museum night, I went recently to Stuttgart. And the Neue Schloss (new castle) was opened up for the citizens. Normally you have no opportunity to see where the politicians are receiving, except you are invited. But have a look …


By the way, as the Neue Schloss has been bombed in World War II it has been mostly rebuilt on the inside, but still, to see the place where the Ministerpräsident works is interesting.


In the Marmorsaal you can get married.