Northern Portugal

The region I have to come back to is for me Porto and the Northern part of Portugal:

it is the oldest part (Guimares) and also very vital as economically the region is thriving, also thanks to the Portugese people who got along with the financial restrictions set by the Troika – it is not easy but they manage! And they are succeding, without loosing their past!



Sintra – royal palaces and dreams

One of the places I liked most in Portugal was Sintra:

even as we had only time to see one palace (there are two of them) and not to some very special houses, I was impressed by the landscape, nor far from Lisboa but very different.

We visited the Palacio Nacional de Sintra and enjoyed a very nice sunday morning there, with some coffee galao (with milk like cappuccino) and continued afterwards towards Cascais.

Here are some pictures from the Palacio Nacional:


Travelling to Portugal

At the beginning of may I travelled to Portugal and discovered a new country:

I love the landscapes, cities and the food! And especially the nice and welcoming people!

Here are some impressions, others to follow …

View of Lisboa from the castle:


Here one of the historic tramway cars:


And some house with the typical azulejos: