And here the final ones …


Prague – unexpected views II

Some more pics from my week in Prague this august …

Prague – unexpected views I

As I have taken pictures of non typical Prague views I hope you enjoy them:

to remember if you have crossed them already or to have new ideas if you vist next …

Prague – always a pleasure

In August I went to Praha and I enjoyed it immenesly:

the weather was fine and even if it was hot, there was always some light air moving around. Also the masses of tourist are easy to avoid. 30 000 people come to prague in the high season, but you don’t have to follow the classical circuit of touristical todos:

First, get up late (only possible in some Hotels or an appartment). Then go to the famous Charles bridge, before noon most tourists are at Hradčany/Hradshin (Prague Castle ). To get to the Prague castle you best start around one p.m. – everybody else is having lunch …

You get the gist – but Prague has more to offer than this:

  • the cloister of Strachov
  • Petřín hill with the wunderful rose garden and a lookout tower (you can get there via the funicular with the public transport ticket)

  • Industrial Palace and the National Gallery at Veletržní palác in Holešovice and the other places holding marvellous objects of art …

Just take some time of the official time table and look around!