After work museum visit at Lenbachhaus

As my entrance for a year at Lenbachhaus is expiring at the middle of the month I decided that I had to visit before. And I tried the after work opening time at tuesday until 20 h. It was really a treat as I was alone with the Blauer Reiter

The city of Munich owns a lot of pictures by this group of artists due to a story which could be from Hollywood, but has happened in real life:

At the beginning of the 20th century Gabriele Münter is becoming an artist in Munich, she meets Wassily Kandinsky and he becomes her lover. She is also part of the Blauer Reiter movement and when Kandinsky leaves Germany due to the war, she starts a life of migrations until she settled down after the Second world war at Murnau, surrounded by the pictures she saved from the Nazis. Nearly eighty  years old she intended to give her collection away, but the city of Murnau wasn’t interested, so she gave her collection to the city of Munich.


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