Impressions from Brussels

This week there was the terror attack in London, the same day as one year ago in Brussels at the airport and in the city. As I had to travel to Brussels on day later, I would like to celebrate the amazing tradition of this city:


La capitale de Noel- Strasbourg

Strasbourg has also a ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’ (or better serveral as there are different locations) which is well worth a visit – not so posh, blingy and big as in  Paris, but more genuine and comfortable to be: local products are sold, you can have the classical mulled wine (vin chaud) and food at affordable prices. And the lights in the Petite France and all over are really something …

Advent in Munich

Advent – which means the coming (of Christ) – is the time around the four sundays before Christmas. And in Munich there are a lot of markets and concerts to get into the mood.

Here are my favorites:

Rainy Algarve

In May in Portugal we had the bad luck to spend the week at Algarve with the worst weather  since a long time – as the locals told us.
No beach life but rain falling every day, more or less.

And the two first pictures show from almost the same outlook  how one day can make a huge difference …

But you can enjoy yourself also – by hiking in good gear, eating bratwurst and watching the clouds to open up for some sun.


Travelling to Portugal

At the beginning of may I travelled to Portugal and discovered a new country:

I love the landscapes, cities and the food! And especially the nice and welcoming people!

Here are some impressions, others to follow …

View of Lisboa from the castle:


Here one of the historic tramway cars:


And some house with the typical azulejos:


New sides of Berlin

Some places are always changing and every time you visit you see something new. here are some impressions of Berlin …

Out- and inside of the ruins of the Gedächtniskirche:




And inside the Bikini House opposite of it, as it is remodeled as a very chic shopping mall with a view into the zoo on the top:



New castle at Stuttgart

As I tend to visit towns when there is the museum night, I went recently to Stuttgart. And the Neue Schloss (new castle) was opened up for the citizens. Normally you have no opportunity to see where the politicians are receiving, except you are invited. But have a look …


By the way, as the Neue Schloss has been bombed in World War II it has been mostly rebuilt on the inside, but still, to see the place where the Ministerpräsident works is interesting.


In the Marmorsaal you can get married.


Christmas flashes or the “Weihnachtsmarkt”

In Germany we have lots of markets around christmas. You can meet there with friends, drink mulled wine and shop for christmas. There are traditional markets at know places like Nuremberg or elsewhere. But today every small city has a market, more or less elaborate.

The typical ingredients for a christmas market are:

Food (sausage, waffers, crepes) and beeverages  (preferably with alcohol like mulled wire) served in a decorated area with small cabin-like stands and – most important – music: modern, traditional, christmas carols, sung live or from cd!
And it has to be dark!

This is the Marienplatz at Munich …
That is the Tollwood at Munich, an alternative festival twice a year with organic food, it’s mandatory there.
And an impression from Stuttgart, a more traditional market!